Frequently Asked Questions

Can K.J. Kruk skype or speak at my school, library, or event?

Maybe! If you're interested in having K.J. skype with your class or speak in person at your school, library, or event, please send your query to

Can K.J. Kruk sign a book for me?

Sure, if you attend an event! Simply follow @leograybooks and @krukgalaxy on Facebook and Twitter for more details on upcoming events and tour dates.

Where did K.J. Kruk get the idea for Leo Gray?

On a lanai of a really crummy vacation rental while looking at the moon glimmering over Diamond Head.

How old is K.J. Kruk?

K.J. Kruk's age varies depending on the year and season.

Where does K.J. Kruk live?

In a land far, far away. (But, in general, it's not wise to give your address out to strangers!)

Did K.J. Kruk always want to be an author and illustrator?

K.J. always loved writing, painting, and really anything that was creative, but never planned to be an author or an illustrator (until Leo Gray's story was born!).

Can K.J. Kruk donate books or give to my charity or fundraiser?

K.J. Kruk is proud to support foundations that sponsor children's literacy, the enviornment, sciences, and the arts. The institutions and charities which K.J. Kruk donates to are decided on a personal and non-solicitated basis, however, large scale event oppertunites can be directed to for consideration.

What did K.J. Kruk do before writing Leo Gray?

K.J. studied art and literature (and did lots of other things of little importance).

What advice would K.J. Kruk give an aspiring author or illustrator?

"If you're under sixteen, you really shouldn't be focusing all that much on what you hope to be doing one day as an adult. Your life and your dreams will change drastically, so simply follow your bliss—write if you like to write, draw if you like to draw—enjoy being young, and try to have some fun!" K.J. Kruk

How can I find out more about the author?

Visit And follow @krukgalaxy.