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PR Inquiries

Please send your professional media questions or PR opportunities to:


Please send your professional business or event inquiries to:


(Please note that any fan mail, personal letters, or charity requests sent to either of these addresses will not be forwarded to K.J. Kruk and will be deleted.)


Additionally, K.J. will be unable to:


– Discuss her private life

– Remark on another author's or illustrator's work

– Send autographed books, illustrations, or personalized letters

– Provide comments on anything not related to Leo Gray  (the brand) or Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse (the book)


Finally, please refrain from directing such invitations or messages to @leograybooks or @krukgalaxy on social media. As a rule, K.J. refrains from direct use of social media and has all posts automated and comments replied to on her behalf via her assistant.

Thank you for your understanding!


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